Selcuk Ozceada (PhD, MBA) is the Managing Director of Bosfor Bioscience Partners, having recently served as Under Secretary to the Ministry of Health in North Cyprus. In more than 30 years of living and working  in the U.K., Norway, U.S.A. and Turkey he has crossed the divides of both science and business, as well as the private and public sectors. Before serving as Under Secretary, he was Business Development Manager at Eczacibasi Pharmaceuticals in Istanbul where he was involved in establishing a biopharmaceutical portfolio and helped move Eczacibasi into the healthcare services sector. Previously as a Pharmaceutical Management Consultant for Strategic Consultants International, based in London and focused mainly on activities in the U.S.A., he provided strategic advice to multinational pharmaceutical companies on product development, portfolio analysis and regulatory processes. While doing his post-doctorate in Oslo, Dr. Ozceada played a privotal role in assisting the Norwegian Department of Health  establish a treatment and rehabilitation center for Norwegian rheumatic patients in Turkey. Dr Ozceada is an authority in pharmaceutical biotechnology, a frequent invited speaker at  biotech conferences and acts as a reviewer on the 6th and 7th Framework programmes of the European Community.

Dr. Ozceada completed his BSc. in Biochemistry at Kings College, London University. After completing an intercollegiate Master's  in Clinical Biochemistry at leading medical schools of London University, Dr. Ozceada obtained his Doctorate in Immunology from St. Thomas' Medical School in London. His four year postdoctoral studies at the National Hospital in Oslo led to his interest in immunogenetics of HIV infections and his proposal of a novel alternative mechanism to T-cell route of HIV infections with implications for treatment and/or prevention of AIDS. Another of Dr Ozceada’s monoclonal antibodies with potential in oncology is being developed by a leading multinational pharmaceutical company and has moved to animal-testing stage. Dr. Ozceada has 23 publications in international journals on immunology and  obtained his M.B.A. from Warwick University in the UK.