Bosfor is a niche consultancy, providing business development services (in- and out-licensing) to pharmaceutical and medical device companies. In the wider healthcare sector, Bosfor acts as an advisor in M&A deals and provides sectorial consulting to international fund manages.

Bosfor maintains constant contact with various stakeholders and cooperates with key players and advisors locally and internationally in the healthcare sector. As a "boutique" consultancy Bosfor has many years of top level management experience in Turkish pharma companies, as well as consultancy experience in providing strategic advice to international pharma companies on product development and portfolio management. This working experience is backed with academic knowledge in science and in business administration. The Managing Director also recently served as Secretary to the Ministry of Health in Cyprus. The consultancy can therefore boast for truely crossing the divides of science and business, as well as of public and private sectors.

Since becoming operational in May 2006, Bosfor has completed 18 licensing deals covering Turkey, EU and North America, one acquisition and one merger transaction totalling $50m and is in various stages of completing 12 other licensing and 4 other M&A deals in the pharmaceuticals sector.